Neuroleptic trio

Neuroleptic Trio is the band from Subotica/Serbia formed by musicians having more then twenty years of experience of playing in various bands, such as: SHERBET UNDERGROUND, PANIX, GYASS, EARTH WHILE SKY BAND, WROOM etc., and co – operation with such authors like Lajko Felix, Olah Vince, Mezi Szilard…We have also been making music for theatre, performances, video art and short films. In November (’07) we gathered to create a studio session based on pure improvisation. There we have noticed that the Trio would be our magic number for good music correspondence. Since then Neuroleptic Trio has been developing a concept of improvisation by three musicians playing various instruments and using different techniques. Members: Takacs Tibor Faky – Clarinet (2007) Nenad Knežević – Trumpet (2008/2010) Aleksandar Petrović Mechka – Electric bass / Guitar Ambrus Robert Pedala – Drums.

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