The Prshute project was made by two friends,who,in winter 2001,decided to enrich their friendship by using not only classic techniques ( beer, snacks, this or that…), but by making music. They have made a deal to record one single and one video one a yearly basis,in order to complete the whole album by the end of ten years. After the singles “Imagination”(2001), and “It is all the same”(2003), they had a pause, but in 2008, they were expeditive and they have made three singles. Members: Zoran Rankov “Batesovo Dete”: lead vox. and accustic guitar Aleksandar Petrovic Mechka: Bass and el. guitar Guests: Vlada Rusic – programing (Masta) Lajko Felix – Violin (Svejedno je) Takacs Tibor-clarinet … Krunoslav Virovac – drums … Mirela Virovac – bongos … Vlada Todorovic – tarabuka … Nenad Knezevic – trumpet (Dzejbe Dzejbe) Robert Amrus – Drums (Debela Snajka, Dzejbe, Jutro)

Prshute “Debela snajka” by mechka


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