Nekadašnji snimatelj mnogih subotičkih grupa Kiš Zoltan, danas je vlasnik studija ” Utopia” u Budimpešti

Utopia Studio was founded as the first digital sound recording studio in Hungary in 1992.
Since it was established, we have recorded more than 100 music albums of the highest standard performed by heavy metal, hard rock, techno, pop, classical and new-wave players. We offer our services in
– recordings in any style
– commercial and vide synchronizing
– live concert recording and mixing
– mastering to a completed recording
– 5.1 surround mixing (in DTS form as well)
– scoring
– composition – lyrics for song
– providing studio musicians and vocalists (male, female or child)
– recording and making music for theatres
– duplicating CDs (in small numbers as well) – graphics, design for CD covers.

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